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Category: Physics

Calculate the angle of minimum deviation for a ray which is refracted through an equiangular prism of refractive index 1.4

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Category: Physics

Transverse waves can be distinguished from longitudinal waves using the characteristic of

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Category: Physics

The pitch of a sound note depends on

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Category: Physics

Tea pots are often silver-coated to prevent heat loss by

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Category: Physics

If a force of 50N stretches a wire from 20m to 20.01m, what is the amount of force required to stretch the same material from 20m to 20.05m?

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Category: Physics

When left in a freezer, a bottle full of water cracks on freezing into ice because of the

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Category: Physics

I. Wavelength

II. Medium of propagation

III. Wave velocity

IV. Frequency

V. Energy

Which of the above are used for characterizing waves?

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Category: Physics

A person can focus an object only when it lies within 200cm from him. Which spectacles should be used to increase his maximum distance of distinct vision infinity

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Category: Physics

If u is the object distance and v the image distance, which of the following expressions gives the linear magnification produced by a convex lens of focal length f?

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Category: Physics

A cell whose internal resistance is 0.5Ω delivers a current of 4A to an external resistor, The loss voltage of the cell is